Lucas Meino Bruns, CFP®

Managing Director

My Mission

"My mission is to help my clients build and execute a financial plan based on their most important goals and dreams."


When people look back on their lives, they often find that they have saved less than they intended. They find themselves in financial situations that are more complex and less predictable than they anticipated. As we work together, I can help you identify your financial goals and objectives to help you prepare for the future and help protect you if life takes an unexpected turn.

Along the way, my hope is that we establish a trusting relationship. A relationship that will endure and grow as your life changes and your financial needs evolve.


My Values

Integrity - Passion - Fun


These are the most important values in my everyday life. They are also the values that I look for in the people that I work with.

Integrity and passion are two of my most paramount values, as they allow me to go above and beyond when working with you towards your goal of financial security. I am passionate about working with you to identify your goals and objectives and evaluate the neccessary steps needed to be taken, all while having integrity in every decision we make together.

While integrity and passion give me guidance and purpose, having fun allows me to work with you in an easygoing and relaxed manner. The atmosphere created by having fun grants me the ability to relate with you on a more personal level and allows us to build an ongoing and trusting relationship.



The Northwestern Mutual Difference

Financial security is a goal many of us strive to achieve in our lives. Whether you are concerned for your own financial needs, those of your family, or those of your business, I can help you identify your goals and dreams, develop a plan that addresses these needs, and start you on a path to financial security. When it comes to implementing your financial plan, I have access to some of the most specialized financial expertise in the country. I am also able to provide you with high quality risk management and investment solutions from a wide variety of organizations.

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